Top 10 Embroidery Digitizing Software

Embroidery makes it easy to create unique, personalized items for yourself, for customers, or as gifts for people you know. When you tire of using other people’s embroidery designs, pick up some embroidery digitizing software, and let those creative juices flow. With embroidery digitizing software, develop your own patterns, images, and artwork, and transform them [...]

Introduction of textiles

A textile is any object woven from natural or synthetic fibers. This also includes fabrics made by the interlacing of yarns or threads by knitting, braiding, netting or felting. The primary natural fibers are from animal sources (wool, silk and hair), vegetable sources (cotton, flax and hemp) and, less commonly, a mineral source (asbestos). Synthetic fibres have […]

What is a DST file? How To Open it?

File extension dst is traditionally used for computer embroidery format, also known as Tajima Embroidery format The dst file contains data about stitches, instructions (stop, jump, trim), embroidery design and other codes that are used in embroidery and stitching machines. In order for the file to open on your computer, you must have software installed […]